Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I have to say that I'm really jonesin' for Portland right now. A couple days ago I met someone new and we were swaping 5-minute-life-stories, and I just kept going on about how cool Portland is. Earlier the same day I met a nice older lady and she found out I was from Portland and she told me how much she loved visiting. Even reading about the freezing rain lately has made me miss the winter weather that comes out of the gorge, because there's a gorge and mountains and an ocean. Needless to say I miss all my Portland friends (even if they've left Portland). The city wouldn't hold such magic if it weren't for the people that helped me to make it my home. You all know who you are. Thanks.

That being said, I'm going to make a list of things (not people) that I miss about Portland:

  • I miss bumpy ground. It's too flat here.
  • I miss the MAX. There is no mass transit here and the busses are worse than horrible.
  • I miss Saturday Market. Where else can you buy a hemp iPod cover?
  • I miss Coffee. Yes they have it here, but people just don't know.
  • I miss driving the Old Scenic Highway to Crown Point and Multnomah Falls (no falls or scenic outlooks in flatsville).
  • I miss Carl's Jr., Red Robin, Fred Meyer, Safeway, PTCU, Winco, etc.
  • I miss having recycling bins everywhere.
  • I miss having every place be non-smoking.
  • I miss parks all over the place.
  • I miss racial diversity and tollerance.
  • I miss McMenamins.

Ok, I think that's about enough for now. It didn't really cheer me up to think about all the things I miss. It did, however, strenghthen my resolve to get back to Portland as soon as possible (currently shooting for August of 2007).


KMiV said...

Amen James,
I took a class a few years ago at Memphis and went looking fo a coffee place. After stopping at 3 diners (they said they were coffee shops) I fell to my knees when I found a Starbucks and it was smoke free.
God can put an Oasis even in the valley of the shadow of death!

tabitha jane said...

god can use starbucks? huh.

james, portland misses you too!! jon and i got your christmas card and wished you were back here sooner!
however, jon's dad (whom i've never met) lives out in tenn. and jon really wants to take a trip out to visit him (maybe next year?) so, maybe we can stop in memphis and see you too!

oh, and it SNOWED, (not just freezing rained--is that really the past tense of freezing rain?) here!

this is the last week of saturday market for the year and i realized that i haven't even been to it in quite some time . . . i LIVE here and i am not appreciating it! thanks for reminding me!

and you forgot to mention another great thing about oregon: no sales tax!

everyday.wonder said...

Hey, nobody says you have to say in forsaken Memphis, except for maybe, uh, your wife and God.

On second thought, just hurry up and get yerself back out to the best place on earth. Portland misses you too.

PapaPeters said...

Umm can i say I miss you and I'm slowly finding myself lost in Portland missery too. If it wasn't for Jesus and donuts the holidays would be sad... Oh and it stinks that In my life time I'll spend more time away from portland dreaming about it than actually there haha