Thursday, December 29, 2005

A little taste of home

So the wife and I were out and about tonight and decided to step into the brand new World Market that just opened up. We wandered around the store looking at furniture and drapes and tea-balls enjoying ourselves. Then we came to the imported food section . . . we found treasures beyond our dreams. There was a whole section of Oregon Chai and we couldn't resist picking up a box. Then, turning the corner we found Tim's Cascade potato chips.

Now to some these may not seem that great, but these are delicacies that have been absent from our lives during our sojourn in the land of the South. We rejoiced in our bounty, and upon the discovery of more income we shall rejoice further. Sometimes it's just the little things . . .

The Seahawks are the best team in Football (continued)

I just ran across this article and wanted to share it with the masses of my blog-readers (all 3).

"For a couple of weeks -- I'd say those consecutive wins over the Eagles and Niners by a combined score of 83-3 to begin this month probably did it for most people -- the Seahawks have been widely regarded as the best team in the NFC. I'm not so sure about that anymore. No, Seattle's the best team in the NFL."

"Maybe it's because they're the Seahawks or because they have a history of failure (no playoff wins since 1984) or because their 13 wins equal the combined victory total of the other three teams in the NFC West, but I keep coming across football folk who don't believe in Seattle. I'm not one of them. They're the most complete team in football, with no glaring weaknesses other than the level of their competition. As good as Chicago's defense is, it would be an upset if the Seahawks don't emerge from the NFC.
Should Seattle meet the Colts again, it'll be interesting, for sure. If I had to make a prediction today, I'd pick the better team to win it all.
Right now, that team is the Seahawks."

Read the full article for a more detailed breakdown. Now I just hope he didn't jinx it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I have to say that I'm really jonesin' for Portland right now. A couple days ago I met someone new and we were swaping 5-minute-life-stories, and I just kept going on about how cool Portland is. Earlier the same day I met a nice older lady and she found out I was from Portland and she told me how much she loved visiting. Even reading about the freezing rain lately has made me miss the winter weather that comes out of the gorge, because there's a gorge and mountains and an ocean. Needless to say I miss all my Portland friends (even if they've left Portland). The city wouldn't hold such magic if it weren't for the people that helped me to make it my home. You all know who you are. Thanks.

That being said, I'm going to make a list of things (not people) that I miss about Portland:

  • I miss bumpy ground. It's too flat here.
  • I miss the MAX. There is no mass transit here and the busses are worse than horrible.
  • I miss Saturday Market. Where else can you buy a hemp iPod cover?
  • I miss Coffee. Yes they have it here, but people just don't know.
  • I miss driving the Old Scenic Highway to Crown Point and Multnomah Falls (no falls or scenic outlooks in flatsville).
  • I miss Carl's Jr., Red Robin, Fred Meyer, Safeway, PTCU, Winco, etc.
  • I miss having recycling bins everywhere.
  • I miss having every place be non-smoking.
  • I miss parks all over the place.
  • I miss racial diversity and tollerance.
  • I miss McMenamins.

Ok, I think that's about enough for now. It didn't really cheer me up to think about all the things I miss. It did, however, strenghthen my resolve to get back to Portland as soon as possible (currently shooting for August of 2007).

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Seahawks are the Best Team in Football

I know that's a bold claim, but I think it's true. They outscored their last two opponents by 80 points (the Colts did exactly half that). Until they rested their startes for three of their last 8 quarters they had the top offence in the NFL (they are still second). Their defense has the most sacks and the number 2 redzone defense (after Chicago who doesn't have the offense to back it up *cough*Pittsburgh*cough*).

They have the number one rusher in the league (Shaun Alexander).

And they just got their top receiver back (Darrell Jackson)

They have too many weapons to stop on offense and their defense is playing out of their mind right now. The Seahawks have just about wrapped up homefield advantage through the playoffs (a homefield advantage that caused the Giants to commit 11 false starts).

So, here's my prediction: the Seahawks will easily beat Tennessee and will beat the second string of Indianapolis (Dungee will rest his starters), and then Seattle will lose to Green Bay on New Years day (because they will have wrapped up home field and Holmgren will rest the boys after their night of partying).

In the playoffs the Seattle crowd will disrupt the incomming offenses and Seattle will win close games (which they've proved they can do against Dallas and New York).

Superbowl XL: Seattle: 38 Indianapolis: 30

Update: So far so good. Seattle wins and the Colts lose on Sunday. Only time will tell, but I'm feeling like it finally here. Being a Seahawks fan has been a hard road - no titles, and no playoff wins since 1984 (I was 5 years old).

Update (again): Merry Christmas to Seattle! Home field advantage through the playoffs, and a chance to rest and get healthy in the three weeks between now and their first playoff game. The predictions are still intact.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

School's out for winter

Ok, so I'm not the only one who has been lax about posting this month. I'm done with finals and papers and now I'm free (. . . to start reading for next semester *sigh*).

I've had to force myself to limit my blog time so that I wouldn't just spend all my time in the blogosphere instead of writing papers. During that time I've had numerous thoughts that I wanted to blog, so I will try to get some of the more interesting and entertaining ones out into cyberspace soon.

I've been really engaged in this conversation that is going on among several of the grad students here about what might be done to bring the Restoration Movement (Church of Christ and Christian Churches) into the future. It's thought provoking if you want to join in (*Disclaimer* these are grad students so there is no shortage of "bible-nerd-ese" being spoken. You have been warned).

I've also been thinking about Christmas letters lately (since I've been getting them in the mail). Now, I know that I will very likely offend everyone in the world with what I'm about to say, but that's why it needs to be said. I do need to say that I love to hear from friends and family. Christmas letters are a great way to let everyone know what's going on in your life. Great idea . . . but like so many great ideas, they have gone awry somewhere.

So, here are my rules for Christmas letters:
  • Any font smaller than 12 point is not allowed.
  • They must be no longer than one page.
  • Paragraphs are an important indication of thought groupings, don't be affraid to use them.
  • I'm a child of MTV and the internet, so please use short, colorful sentences; my attention . . .
  • Remeber in history class, which did you like better: a dry recitation of the facts, or a few illustrative stories? Can you guess what I like better?
  • Money enclosed will encourage me to read it.

Thanks for playing nice (i.e. not getting too mad at me if I was talking about you). I'm not trying to be mean, just sharing my preferences.

More to come soon . . .