Friday, October 07, 2005

I just had to share this, it's gr8

I can't say it any better than the original article:

"The SMS Bible: 4 God so luvd da world

From word-of-mouth, to papyrus scrawl, to Gutenberg press… we now bring you da Bible, in SMS 4m. No we’re not kidding. A member of the Bible Society in Australia has translated all 32,173 verses in just “four weeks” (!) into SMS-style text. They even provide a free download from their site so you can send God nuggets like “In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth” to those in need of a little churchin’ up. [Warning: link may invoke choir singing and potential wrath of The Maker]"

Ah, progress continues unabated.


rebecca marie said...

nooooo. please please please no.

even (gag) lol drives me batty!

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I think I am one step closer to Hell for having read the article.

God is not a sk8r boy!

tabitha jane said...

j-e-s-u-s in da house.

let's get our god on!

what movie was that from?

i'll tell you: saved.

PapaPeters said...

I'm downloading it its going to be my only source of the holy scripture for the next 2 years maybe my vocabulary will improve.

Oh and so you know the Army has issued me about 5 knives all horribley unbalanced. But alas still good for killing

emilykaypeters said...

And I thought introducing Ebonics (or whatever they called it) into the schools was bad. This is horrible. Now we are "allowing" the uneducated to get away with being uneducated. It's great that they get to read the Bible and all, but come on!