Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Theology, History, and Hebrew

Just in case you were wondering what has been keeping me from posting here, it's Theology, History, and Hebrew. Those are the classes I'm taking now and that's what's taking up a lot of my limited brain power. So here's something that I think is interesting from each of my classes:

Theology - You can't have theology without philosophy, but no philosophy is wholly adequate to describe that which is wholly other. Go figure.

History - In the early church new converts were trained in the teaching of the church for three years before being baptized and made Christians. A big reason for this is that persecution was so common that they wanted to make sure that people knew what they were getting themselves into.

Hebrew - Ok, so I've learned the alphabet and a few words, not a whole lot that's profound here. The one thing that made me say, "huh," was that Hebrew has only two genders (he & she) versus the three genders of English (he, she, & it). That means that all words have to be expressed as either masculine or feminine regardless of any inherent maleness or femaleness. So the fact that God is a masculine word in Hebrew means about as much as Jerusalem being a feminine word. Any notion of God being a male from the Hebrew text is completely a fabrication of men who want to interpret it that way. God is without gender, neither male nor female. God is wholly other and created things cannot completely picture the divine.


Tim said...

It funny you mention the History part (or perhaps Providence).

Dwayne and Jason were just at a thing in St. Louis for church planting and one part of it they mentioned talked about how the Western church is soft and how Protestant churches in the East (a la China) teach people what to do when persecuted and how to act, stay in jail, get out of jail, etc.

There was also something mentioned about their intentions to "retake" Jerusalem by conversion from easter China all the way back to Jerusalem. Talk about Kingdom efforts.

It made me realize that our country especially is becoming more and more a pagan nation, and it has nothing to do with our founding fathers.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I think that we should encourage people to take more time before converting. It makes for a nice story to say that he felt the spirit and was baptized. I don't think that it is wise, though.

How many people have we heard of that on a whime decided to get married? Or were married after knowing each other for 2 months? How did you react to that? I know that I thought, it can't last because they don't know each other and they don't understand what their responsibility will be to the other.

Marriage is supposed to be an example of our relationship to God. We need to know what is expected of us and get to know God better before we jump in. We don't have to be perfect first, just informed.

tabitha jane said...

hooray for a god that transcends our language and limitations! hooray for a god that i was created in the image of!

hooray might not be the best word here, but it is what i feel.

everyday.wonder said...

Gotta love the ability of learning a new language to teach you all kinds of things about the way we think. Even Spanish can be that way, but when I went through Greek, my mind swam trying to keep up with the way those dudes' minds worked.

At one point, my Greek professor said that in the city of Ancient Ephesus, it was so hard to figure out how to use participles that no one under the age of 21 was allowed to use them.

James T Wood said...

Tabitha, I thought about our conversations when I learned that about Hebrew. I'm glad you got what I was trying to say.

EW, I asked one of my professors here about the Ephesus thing (his dissertation was about Ephesus) and he's never heard of it. Your prof might have been pulling your leg.

tabitha jane said...

if you want some recommendations for some good books to read on the subject, let me know . . . i'm sure you have plenty of time for outside reading right now!

PapaPeters said...

Hey I got married after 3 moths am I doomed? Haha I do get your point Ma'am But what would the eunich have done.

rebecca marie said...

the conversion thing, man, what a topic. you have people date for two weeks and then get married and die married. you have people who date for two years and divorce after five months. my "conversion" (i hate to say conversion when i was born and bred, but i mean my "MOMENT") was a FLASH and i was ready and had to be baptised NOW and i was only nine. for some, they need to learn learn learn. i think it's more about what happens AFTER than what happens before. baptism just isn't enough. the conversion keeps on happening.

kay, i'm not voicing this as clearly as i'd hoped, but that's what happens when you hit the blogosphere by way of a break from kiddo room cleaning. i'm frazzled.