Thursday, September 01, 2005

"My ears had heard of you, now my eyes have seen you."

I feel the need to justify myself before I even begin - my blog is about me and my feelings.

That being said:

I feel overwhelmed with the tragedy of Katrina, but until yesterday it was a distant emotion. Those people down there have it bad. I wonder how we can help them down there.

Last night our church hosted a dinner for people - refugees - of Katrina staying in hotels in Memphis. 200 people came to our gym and at hamburgers and hot dogs and got free t-shirts.

These people, here in Memphis are suffering. They are running out of money and hope. How can we help the people here.

I couldn't sleep last night.

I feel overwhelmed.

Holy God, it is not by my strength, nor by my power, buy by your Spirit.


tabitha jane said...

what a crazy world we live in! i'm glad you were able to help those people by giving them food . . .

Amanda said...

I feel like I can barely breathe with all of this going on. I am appalled that Portland is not going to host more survivors in the Rose Garden and cancel all of our games and concerts - I'm angered that people can still find those things important.

Did you watch Oprah yesterday? I was shocked at all of the information she learned that they hadn't been telling us on the news.
For example: When the 16,000 people of New Orleans were being sheltered in their stadium it was complete pandamonium. Instead of the safe but crowded place that I imagined - gangs were terrorizing people inside by causing fights, shooting people, and raping children and babies.... and because it was pitch black inside no one could help them or later identify their attackers.

Like I said - I can't breathe.

James T Wood said...

Compassion is hard. It requires you to not be selfish and most people don't really like to do that.

When ol' St. Hellens was a-rumblin' last year I felt like I was the only one on the planet who cared.

I was just talking to a friend here about how we do the same type of thing with all the suffering around the world. We don't think too much about the starving or the waring of the world. Sometimes it's easier to just not think about it. Not that it's good, but it's easier.

So, how about the hard (narrow) way? Compassion that takes your breath away, concern that robs you of your sleep, care that requires of you more than you can give.

Like I said, I had heard those words . . . now I have seen them.