Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tag I'm It . . .

So I've been double tagged by Breanna and Ron. I'm supposed to tell you my top 10 songs right now (or something).

This is kind-of like a resurrection of the chain e-mails that condemned you to eternal bad luck if you didn't forward it on to 7,320 people in the next 4 minutes and 33 seconds, which were a resurrection of the chain letters that condemned you to bad luck if you didn't write (with a pen) some stuff at the end of a letter (on paper) and send it to someone else (by afixing a stamp and giving the letter to the US postal service). *sigh* Well at least this one has less of a threat involved.

1. The themesong to Oddesy on NPR (I listen to a lot of talk radio).

2. My Tournaquet - Evanessence (great lyrics)

3. Free - Ginny Owens (also very good lyrics)

4. Dr. Zaeus, Dr. Zaeus - Planet of the Apes Musical

5. Also sprach Zarathustra - Strauss

6. . . .

Ok, that's about all I have. I haven't been listening to music very much lately. You know NPR is really good.


tabitha jane said...

i was totally thinking that about these tags too! it's like forwards but blog style!

but i also think it is a fun way to get to know other people and a way to think of an idea for a blog when you are sort of busy . . .

rebecca marie said...

oh, james... now i'm going to have dr. zaeus stuck in my head.

"hello! i'm actor troy mcclure! you may recognize me from such simpsons episodes as ...."

KMiV said...

I love the Simpsons and the Dr. Zeus song! Hey James I remember the Memphis days. NPR is still there huh! I have done about 5 courses in Memphis living by myself in the dorm room for a week and NPR was all I could get. Brings back memories.