Monday, August 01, 2005

Montage (not "The Montage" a montage)

Do you remember all the movie montages you've seen? Some scrawny kid works out for 3 minutes to a butt-rock 80's band and then is totally ripped and can beat up the guy that took his girlfriend.

I want that!

I want to just be able to play some crappy song and have difficult tasks be accomplished by the time the song is over.

What would you montage for yourself?

I would montage the paper that I forgot is due on Friday, a six-pack (the abs-kind, not the cold-ones-kind), learning to play the guitar, and learning to speak Spanish.


MikeyPDX said...

Oh, the easy one right now is the ankle-surgery-rehab-to-once-again-play-flag-football montage.

tabitha jane said...

i'd montage finishing school and opening my own massage therapy practice, quitting my job and spending more time doing things i love.

and the song in the background would be "girls just wanna have fun"

Unknown said...

Mine would be paper writing, however to what song I don't know... will have to think about that

A Puppy & A Guppy said...

This is kinda like a being a Bard in a fantasy novel.
I am just simple and sentimental enough to Montage just keeping the ones I love close to me all my days.
P.S. Thanks for the comments on my sight. It is all an enigma.

rebecca marie said...

i'm so impressed by the concept of this post that i've not a single clue what i would montage.

for lack of anything more pressing, i'd montage me winning the lottery and everyone letching onto their sliver of the pie (including the i.r.s.) and the montage would end with me just sitting comfy in my modest 4 bedroom home enjoying my family, remembering when i used to have eleventybillion dollars.

i need someone else to pick the song though, i've a headache.

(note to self - start buying lottery tickets or this ainnanevahgunna happen.)

tabitha jane said...

rebecca marie: of course your montage song would be "if i had a million dollars" by bnl!

James T Wood said...

"but not a real green dress, that's cruel"

tabitha jane said...

"haven't you always wanted a monkey?"

PapaPeters said...

Hmm I'd montage fixing my credit and buying a house and fixing it up via the intro song of fresh prince of bel air.

This idea is similar to the one I had a couple years ago about having a personal theme song (mini-concealable boombox) that played at appropriate times during the day when you needed a lift. i.e. walking into the big meeting, doing your last set of pushups, talking a cop out of a ticket. The key to the technology would be finding the right triggers for the song though. I'll let you know when i get it on the market.

James T Wood said...

Peters, when you get that done . . . hook me up.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

This is a montage we are talking about people- You can do what ever you want! I know that I want a to "just be comfortable" but in a montage you can do anything!!!!

You could learn the dance steps.
You could bulk up.
You could change from shy and modest to painted and sexy.
You could learn how to ski (French fries, pizza)
You could raise money to save the rec center.
You could fix up a fixer upper.
You could smooth talk anyone and everyone into coming to your Big Bash while the parents are gone!
You could get the house cleaned up just before the parents walk in the door after your big bash.

Infinite possibilities.

Me? I would do it all!!!