Monday, July 25, 2005

DiSC Profile

So I just took the DiSC profile as a part of our young married class at church. We had our preacher (Curt Sparks) come in and lead our class through the profile and interpreting the results. I found out that I am a DC. That means that I like to take charge and be in control at the same time as I like to research and analyze things before I make any decision. My "classic personality type" is Creative - I like to bring things into being. I like to solve problems that might get in the way. I am often my own worst enemy as I like to take charge of a situation and make snap decisions at the same time as I like to know what's expected of me and analyze every possible solution.


I'm an INTJ according the the Myers/Briggs personality type.

That means I'm:
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging

They call it a Mastermind (sounds so diabolical - mwahahahahaha)

[Issac Newton][Fredriche Nietsche][Niels Bohr][Peter the Great][Stephen Hawking][John Maynard Keynes][Lise Meitner][Dwight D. Eisenhower][Ayn Rand]


Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Are you implying that Stephen Hawking is evil?

Apparently I am:
Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
56 1 38 11

Which means that I am a "provider guardian". I'm guessing but I think that is good.

James Wood said...

Dude, have you ever heard Stephen Hawking "talk" he's an evil cyborg sent here from the future . . .

tabitha jane said...


Tim Lewis said...

Sonny Guild had everyone on our team take the DiSC recently.

I am an iS and my Classic Profile Pattern is Practitioner.

Strength % is 2 21 21 18

James Wood said...

On the advice of my lawyers I submit the following:

Dr. Hawking, I sincerely apologize for any implication or assertation that you might be a cyborg, evil, and/or from the future. Please continue to spew forth incomprehesible theories about imaginary time, etc.

rebecca marie said...

you talk fancy.

Amanda said...

I'm a CI.... I'm a little upset that you typed "DiSC".... implying that one of my main strengths is not as good as the others.

James Wood said...

Hey, I'm just directly quoting the makers of the profile, see - I think all strengths are equally important, as are all people. No one is an evil, cyborg, mastermind from the future. I am an equal opportunity blogger. [Insert PC crap here]

. . . *sigh* I do not consider Politicaly Correct terms to be cr . . . hey wait, yes I do. I'm going to fire my lawyer for trying to make me lie. We all know, "Lies make baby Jesus cry."

Breanna said...

guys, i'm totally the wierdest, but i think it's the SWEETEST thing that Ha-May and Gorgeous Andrea talk to each other on their blogs...and espeshinally that Ha-May called Gorgeous Andrea "dude."

That's love.

dancilhoney said...

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