Monday, July 25, 2005

DiSC Profile

So I just took the DiSC profile as a part of our young married class at church. We had our preacher (Curt Sparks) come in and lead our class through the profile and interpreting the results. I found out that I am a DC. That means that I like to take charge and be in control at the same time as I like to research and analyze things before I make any decision. My "classic personality type" is Creative - I like to bring things into being. I like to solve problems that might get in the way. I am often my own worst enemy as I like to take charge of a situation and make snap decisions at the same time as I like to know what's expected of me and analyze every possible solution.


I'm an INTJ according the the Myers/Briggs personality type.

That means I'm:
Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging

They call it a Mastermind (sounds so diabolical - mwahahahahaha)

[Issac Newton][Fredriche Nietsche][Niels Bohr][Peter the Great][Stephen Hawking][John Maynard Keynes][Lise Meitner][Dwight D. Eisenhower][Ayn Rand]


Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Are you implying that Stephen Hawking is evil?

Apparently I am:
Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
56 1 38 11

Which means that I am a "provider guardian". I'm guessing but I think that is good.

James T Wood said...

Dude, have you ever heard Stephen Hawking "talk" he's an evil cyborg sent here from the future . . .

tabitha jane said...


Tim said...

Sonny Guild had everyone on our team take the DiSC recently.

I am an iS and my Classic Profile Pattern is Practitioner.

Strength % is 2 21 21 18

James T Wood said...

On the advice of my lawyers I submit the following:

Dr. Hawking, I sincerely apologize for any implication or assertation that you might be a cyborg, evil, and/or from the future. Please continue to spew forth incomprehesible theories about imaginary time, etc.

rebecca marie said...

you talk fancy.

Amanda said...

I'm a CI.... I'm a little upset that you typed "DiSC".... implying that one of my main strengths is not as good as the others.

James T Wood said...

Hey, I'm just directly quoting the makers of the profile, see - I think all strengths are equally important, as are all people. No one is an evil, cyborg, mastermind from the future. I am an equal opportunity blogger. [Insert PC crap here]

. . . *sigh* I do not consider Politicaly Correct terms to be cr . . . hey wait, yes I do. I'm going to fire my lawyer for trying to make me lie. We all know, "Lies make baby Jesus cry."

breanna said...

guys, i'm totally the wierdest, but i think it's the SWEETEST thing that Ha-May and Gorgeous Andrea talk to each other on their blogs...and espeshinally that Ha-May called Gorgeous Andrea "dude."

That's love.

dancilhoney said...

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