Friday, May 06, 2005


So this is a cool site: sell only one product at a time once per day, but it's usually a wicked awesome deal. And every once in a while they will have a woot-off where they sell an item until it sells out and then sell another item until it sells out and on and on and on.

Woot for me one more time.


rebecca marie said...

i've ordered from woot a couple of times, and have yet to be let down. it is wicked awesome.

CL said...

James, I had to chime in and tell you. You have me hooked on Woot. I got up this morning and was all frustrated that there hasn't been an update since yesterday. Errr! Thanks man. Blessings -Chris

James T Wood said...

Yeah, I think they're taking a Woot holiday this weekend to make up for last weekend's 'woot-off'.