Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So What's the Point?

I've been thinking lately about why I blog. It seems like my blog has become a place for me to share things that I think are neat with the world (or the 5 people that read my blog). I haven't posted any deep thoughts for a while (it could be because all of my deep thoughts have been given over to school).

I hesitated when it came time to post about the Sonics (they tied their series with San Antonio, by the way) because I know that not too many people care. I posted because I care and it's my blog. But then I get to feeling some pressure to post things that other people will find interesting. So is my blog a personal journal or entertainment for the "masses"?

I've just started reading Ray Oldenburg's The Great Good Place (the book that discusses the idea of the "third place"). In the preface he talks about some of the benefits of "third places" such as a place to share your ideas in a forum where not everyone will agree and a place that people keep frequenting because it is fun (I will comment more on the book later). In a way the blog-world and online forums fullfill the same communal functions as Oldenburg's "third place."

I'm still not sure what the point is, but I'm getting a better idea all the time. Right now I blog for the chance to share my thoughts with a wider audience and a forum in which to share thoughts that might not come out as frequently elsewhere. I blog for the community that I can share with my friends (both new and old).

So why do you blog? What's the point?


Tim said...

For me, the answer is yes.

Mike Lewis said...


Anonymous said...

Oh sure, make me the serious answer man. I had a similar conversation with an older, wiser mentor of mine about blogging. He doesn't blog nor does he engage in many "religious forums" and yet, he was very interested in the phenomenon of blogging. I dig the online community (never thought I would say that), but especially dig when people disagree with me. It helps me grow.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the Sonics are now down 3-2.

Rebecca said...

I blog to keep up with my friends and family that are near and far. Rebecca Marie is someone I see almost daily (when we go walking...uhhum...), Mike and Tim are my siblings who I would probably never sit on the phone and discuss these things with (because that would require Tim to answer his phone), and then there are people like you who live far far away and it's nice to see what is going on in your head and I like to share and get feedback on what is going on in my head. Also, good therapy! :)

rebecca marie said...

i blog cause i can say whatever i wanna whenever i wanna. granted, i do choose my words carefully, because speaking carefully is a choice i make. but basically because i can make obervations about the world around me without boring the people i love. they can read it if they want to, but i'm not just making babble words and nonsense talk into their ears all the time.

Tim said...

Hence why I don't answer my phone.

James T Wood said...

So then, is blogging a means to genuine community?

tabitha jane said...

a genuine community? i'm not sure. a community yes. genuine . . . it's debatable. people can be real or fake on the internet . . . so could we really say it was a genuine community?

but i blog for the communityish aspect of it as well as the therapeutic, say whatever i want to say part. AND the "i'm at work and i get bored, so i'll take a four minute trip into cyberspace, see what my friends have been up to and then start working again" aspect.

maybe i blog as therapy for my short attention span and get a communityish side affect from it?

James T Wood said...

Do people have to be 100% honest about who they are in order to be genuine? Are 'real life' people any more or 'fake' than 'internet life' people? I think that if someone is going to be a fake they will do it in real life and on the internet (it might be easier on the internet though).

I'm not completely honest on my blog - there are things that I don't feel like sharing. Does that make what I do share a sham?

Tim said...

LIAR! There are things that I won't ever put on my blog because those are between me and God, and it's nunya.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

I have not ventured out very far into the blogs of those unknown to me. Mostly because I don't really care about what people are doing unless I already care about the person (I am just talking about the blogmunity, not "real life"). I use it to keep up with the people I know and care about.

When online, it is easy to take on personalities that are not true to who we really are because... who is going to find out? You can be as anonymous as you want.

I think that it can be good for people to share and even to be or say things that they would never say in real life. As adults sometimes we forget to be creative and sometimes we REALLY want to say something to someone but we shouldn't, so we don't. Well, this is a lot cheaper than a therapist. But like anything else, if taken too far, it can be detrimental.

So, wait... what was the question?

Rebecca said...

I think the most important thing is to always remember whose you are. This should color all things that you do, whether in "real life" or on the internet. I am first and foremost a child of God's always. This means I need to conduct myself at all times in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

There are plenty of fakies in real life, too, so I don't think that can taint the interpretation of community. I also don't think you have to reveal EVERY thought you have on the internet. I don't reveal every thought I have in "real life" with every person I encounter. I do think that putting things on the internet opens you up for increased criticism because there it is...there are your thoughts for all the world to read and it can be very difficult to interpret thoughts, etc.

I really enjoy blogging and I enjoy reading what people are thinking, funny stories, day-to-day life. Do you need to be an open book? No. Does that make you fake? No. Happy Blogging!

Shafter79 said...

As often seen in chat rooms, the internet isn't so much who you are, but who you wish to be. Words can be chosen carfully. One can read and re-read before finally reponding to something. One can sound more intelligent then how they would normally sound in conversation.

I think most people blog because it's the uknown. I think best summed up by Pink Floyd "Is there anybody out there?"