Monday, May 02, 2005

Family Guy is back

Judge me as you will I am stoked that Family Guy is back with new episodes. The one on Sunday was hilarious - especially the opening. They started with Peter saying, "Bad news, we've been canceled." Then Lois said, "Oh, no" and then Peter says, "Yeah, well they just didn't have any room in their schedule because of . . ." he then lists every show that Fox has produced and then canceled since Family Guy was canceled going on for a solid minute ". . . I guess if all those shows flop we'll have a chance." Hahahahahahaha!

Basically I enjoy great satire and irony, that means I also love the Simpsons. If you can't get past the crude and offensive humor to see the satire then you won't like Family Guy or the Simposons. But if you can, laugh with me! What's your favorite quote from either of these shows?

Mine is from the Simpsons: After being frustrated by Ned Flanders, Homer looks up and cries out, "O, Lord why do you mock me." Marge says, "Homer, that's not God; it's just a waffle Bart threw up there." Marge knocks the waffle down with a broom and it falls into Homers hands . . . he looks at it and says, "I know I shouldn't eat thee . . . [gulp] . . . mmmmm, sacralicous."


rebecca marie said...

i have two all time favorites, and it's VERY hard to limit myself... one is a homerism... when he sees ned skiing up in his ultra tight ski suit... "stupid flanders. stupid sexy flanders."

and of course. homer - "you can't fool me on the foolin'est day of the year with an electrified foolin' machine!"

(and i wish i didn't think this was funny, but it gets me every time... homer - "but i don't even believe in jebus!" ten minutes later.... "help me jebus!")

tabitha jane said...

i've said this before on bill's blog i think, but my favorite episode is "bart-mangled banner" when bart accidentally moons the american flag and the simpsons eventually get kicked out of america and move to france . . . i love how apu renames his kids to make him seem more patriotic and he names one of them manifest destiny! ha!
ahhhh, the memories of dropping by your house and watching the simpsons, king of the hill, and that weird stunt show that was voiced-over . . . what was that called?

James T Wood said...

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. That was some funny stuff too.

rebecca marie said...


i always wanted to see the show with subtitles that would tell us what the announcers were actually saying.