Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Darth Blog

This is amazing writing. I can't say much more. I'm enthralled by the depth of character and feeling. I'm engaged by the humor. The metaphor gets a litttle thick, but other than that this is a great read (especially to get you ready for Episode III 8 days left).


tabitha jane said...

hey a little credit . . . if you found that link on my blog?????

i put it on my blog because i knew that especially you would love it!

James T Wood said...

I actually found it on the list of notable blogs on the blogger home page - didn't know you had it on your blog too . . . you must have good taste.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

That was long and weird.

I have not yet decided whether this guy is cool or pathetic.

Tim said...


tabitha jane said...

andrea: he is probably a little of both

james: hope you don't think i am a snob. it sure is hard to type sarcasm into a post, eh?

both y'all: i like you!

tabitha jane said...

. . . and i said, "y'all"

hee hee

Cheeseburger Brown said...


Honestly, I don't think I'm pathetic for writing the Darth Vader blog (doesn't make me cool though, either, that's for sure).

Personally, I don't care for fanfic. The blog is not something I would ever read regularly, to be totally honest, though I might've followed a link to read a post or two.

On the other hand, who can deny the thrill of having 2 million readers in as many weeks? And who can deny the thrill of making serious advertizing revenue off the web for the first time ever?

...No, wait -- maybe it does make me just *a little bit* cool. My wife told me she ran into a guy in a bar last night who was so excited that she *knew* the Vader blogger he just about wet himself.

That's got to be worth something, isn't it?



James T Wood said...

Andrea, what did you say to the Hamburgler . . . er . . . I mean Cheeseburger?