Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Busy time

If you pray, pray for me now (if you don't you should really try it, you'll like it).

This is the home stretch of the semester - between now and May 6th I will have to complete three papers (and other various small projects) and take three finals and not alienate my wife. In the midst of all of this I am doing some job hunting/application. So, I may not post too much of interest here in the next few weeks. Don't give up on me, just maps.google some more neat stuff to keep you occupied (Tim had a good suggestion of looking at national monuments - can you pick out the noses on Mt. Rushmore?)

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Anonymous said...

Good use of Google maps. James, I feel your pain/pleasure. I remember hitting those busy times while in seminary at ACU, and wishing Jesus would return to save me from doing more papers. I'd love to hear about some of the classes you're taking and what you're thinking about. It's obvious that church planting is floating around your head. You're in our prayers.