Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Walter Brueggemann

Last night I got to so and hear Walter Brueggemann speak at a church in Memphis. For those of you who don't know, he is one of the top theologians in the United States today.

I won't get too in depth about what he spoke about, but I will share a few highlights:
  • The power unleashed by the ressurrection is a threat to those in authority. It signifies a 'regime change.'
  • When Jesus conquered death he "unleashed health in the world."
  • "We celebrate that the mystery of Easter contradicts the way we thought we would live our life."

I have yet to process through all of the things that he said, but I just needed to share my excitement at such an opportunity.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


For our first holiday season as a married couple we took the advice of some people and didn't spend time with either of our families. The idea was to begin setting our own traditions and to avoid conflict over where we would go.

I now regret it. I will never get to have a Thanksgiving or Christmas with my father-in-law. I will never go to Napenthe's with the whole family the week after Christmas. That is forever lost to me and I regret it deeply.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Where is the balance? Where is the ‘happy medium’ between the extremes? How do I grieve for my Father-in-law but still get on with my life? How do I get on with my life without forgetting?

My wife and I are thousands of miles away from the rest of her family. We don’t have the face to face contact or the task of sorting through Doug’s things and cleaning out his office. We don’t have the opportunities to remember and to grieve. I feel like we are too far away to feel sometimes. Sure we will have moments of memory, but they don’t bring back the sharp pain of loss. It’s muted. It’s distant.

I have done quite a few things since Doug’s loss to try to remember him. He was an incredibly active man and he had just left the track where he was running (at 60 years old) when he was hit. I have started running and working out. I know he would like that. He was encouraging me to join Toastmasters, and I have done that. I know he’s proud. He always told me he was proud of me, just like he said to his own children. And it always made me want to work harder to make him proud.

Doug, you’re lost to us, but you have found rest and a home; save us a spot.