Tuesday, October 19, 2004


For those of you who don't know Toastmasters is an organization that is designed to help people increase their communication skills. It is primarily designed for the corporate environment, but it is useful for anyone who needs to communicate verbally (any monks taking a vow of silence need not apply). It is something that my Father-in-law had been suggesting that I join, but I put it off since I had other things to do. Since he died I have been thinking about ways to honor him and to carry on some of his legacy, so I have joined a local Toastmasters club.

It is stretching me not only to meet non-Christians, but also to examine the way that I speak to everyone. I have become more aware of my words and the impact that they have on the message that I am trying to send. In any ministry job my words are my tools. How well I use my tools determines how well I do my job. More importantly, my use of words can determine the picture that people have of God. I know that God can use me in spite of what I say, but shouldn’t I be removing the obstacles to God’s work in my life?

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