Friday, October 15, 2004

How seriously do we take God?

I have struggled with this question for a long time. I don't think I will stop struggling any time soon. If I believe that God is almighty and that he hears my prayers - why don't I pray for big things. I'm not talking about winning the lottery; I'm talking about healing people, about radically changing people's hearts, about miraculously providing for his people. You know why I don't pray for God to break in to my mundane reality? Because I'm scared; I'm scared that it won't happen and my faith will be in nothing. I'm scared that it won't happen and my faith will be proven weak. I'm scared that it will happen and my life will be proven inadiquate for such a God.

Richard Foster in The Celebration of Discipline suggest that we don't try to pray for the big things right away. We need to work our faith in the small things before we are ready for the big things. We need to pray for God to heal our cold and see that he is faithful before we pray for God to heal cancer. He also suggested praying with your imagination. Picturing Jesus standing over the person that you are praying for and placing his hands on them and letting his light and glory flow into them and over them and through them. Imagine that Jesus envelops them with pure love and light and that their cold is fleeing his power. Then imagine them feeling much better and breathing clearly. Imagine what God can do.

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